Katharnia Reynhoudt


As a traveler, keen observer, and curious, unashamed onlooker,
I surveil the human experiences unfolding all around me, as many do, but I am attracted mostly to what easily overlooked: the arbitrary manifestations and the possibilities they bring about.

There is endless detail in the broad sphere of the mundane. Working with this space, I shift the point of reference and give these banal episodes a new position, a new context, relying on the very randomness at their core to elicit an emotional response.

Because though they are mundane, they are meaningful, and tell us a great deal. I tend to focus on objects and applications. I use Elements that might not always stand out but very much represent a changing world and its conflicts.

I work with borders, over-regulations, notices, bureaucracy: the seemingly tedious things that slowly grow and become the norm, mapping out our social spaces.

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